Thomas “Beezo” Brennan Foundation


Who is Eligible?

Each year, The Thomas M. Brennan Memorial Foundation invites an indeterminate number of students enrolled full time in Boston College’s incoming freshman class to apply for The Thomas M. Brennan Memorial Scholarship. The students are selected by Boston College based on the school’s determination of financial need, with a preference to those students whose state of primary residence is either Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania.

Relatives of directors, officers and stakeholders of the Foundation are not eligible.

There will not be any restriction or limitation in the selection procedures based upon race or the employment status of the prospective recipient or any relative of the prospective recipient.

What is the Amount?

Currently, the scholarship is a grant in an amount of up to $8,000 for each year that the recipient attends Boston College on a full-time basis (with a maximum of four years), subject to the continuing eligibility requirements set forth below. The amount actually awarded will be based upon the recipient’s total financial aid package. The Foundation’s goal is to help relieve the recipient’s loan obligations, thereby making a direct financial impact.

The Foundation will issue a check payable to both the scholarship recipient and Boston College for half of the annual grant amount at the beginning of each of the two semesters comprising the school year, subject to the continuing eligibility requirements set forth below.

What are the Criteria?

Financial need as determined by Boston College.

Submission of an application, which will be sent to the applicant by the Foundation.

A telephone or in-person interview by the Foundation.

Recipients of the scholarship will continue to receive the grant during their freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior years, as long as the recipient remains enrolled full time at Boston College, qualifies for financial assistance as determined by Boston College, and remains in good academic standing (defined as a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher) during the school year.