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Class of 2021
Emma Cook of Southington, Connecticut
Kevin Michels of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Emma Saart of Paxton, Massachusetts

Class of 2020
Jonathan Bailey of Long Valley, New Jersey
Nicole Bucci of Nanuet, New York
Justine DiBiasio of Saugus, Massachusetts

Class of 2019
Liam Formisano of  Oldwick, New Jersey
Emily Ianazzi of Fairfield, Connecticut
Alyssa Russ of Rutland, Massachusetts

Class of  2018
Erica Fallon of Norwell, Massachusetts
Danielle Gaudet of Lynn, Massachusetts
Jack Stedman of  Walpole, Massachusetts


Scholar Graduates
Natasha Bednarz, class of 2017
Andrew Breckel, class of 2017
Rachel Walker, class of 2017
Jane Motter, class of 2016
Erin Sutton, class of 2016
Kaitlyn Votta, class of 2015
Jameson Neseralla, class of 2015
Max Jackson, class of 2014
Adrian Tatro, class of 2014
Alex Martin, class of 2013
Tom Warns, class of 2012
John Scola, class of 2011
Jillian Burdziak, class of 2010
Christina Carney, class of 2009
Steve Marconi, class of 2008




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